Iowa City and Ice Skating

Our trip to Iowa City yesterday was interesting. We went to the Old Capitol Building. There was a tour guide who talked a lot about the Old Capitol Building things.

Kaiyuan Shi, current student


Then we went to eat lunch. We ate Chinese and Japanese food. I ate spicy pork, crunchy beef, and spicy potatoes. It was very delicious.

Kaiyuan Shi, current student


We went to a skating rink near Iowa City. Skating was not easy for me as I’ve never done this before. I was so scared standing on the side of the rink. However, my teachers and friends were helpful. They took care of me, guided me, and encouraged me throughout the whole process. We spent about 35 minutes there. Overall, it was pretty fun. I had a great experience with them.

Li-Guan Ng, current student



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