The Story of a Cello and A Young Man

A story written for our Advanced Writing class by one of the students.

Study Abroad - Be Explorers

There was a young man sitting at the corner of his restaurant waiting for customers. Minutes passed, hours passed, but there was no single shadow besides his entered the restaurant. The weather was cold and windy. He felt lonely. He gazed outside the window; there was not even a single person walking by the streets in the night. “It’s Christmas”, he thought. People were celebrating with their family at home. He had no family and friends.

Then suddenly, he heard a soft melody around the restaurant. It was slow and soothing. He looked around but couldn’t find the source of the sound. He thought that maybe the sound was coming from the outside of the restaurant. He got off from his chair and walked toward the window. He was enjoying the melody while watching the snowy view outside with trees and houses covered with snow.

There were Christmas lights everywhere…

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