Buffalo Ranch and Corn Maze

On Wednesday, we went to a buffalo farm and a corn maze. It was interesting. We gave corn to buffalo. I drove the tractor.

Kaiyuan Shi, Intermediate IEP student


Yesterday was a sunny day. We went to a buffalo ranch and a maize maze. I was the first Malaysian to be in the buffalo ranch! I’m so proud of that. The owner explained about the history of buffalo hunt and some general knowledge about buffalo. After that, he drove us to the buffalo ranch by tractor and wagon. We got to feed the bison corns from the wagon. Honestly, the buffalo’s tongue is kind of disgusting, but it was really fun to feed them! An hour later, the driver drove us back to the barn and gave us buffalo jerky to try.

-Li-Guan Ng, Advanced IEP student


We found mailboxes in the maze. We played with the cats. After the maze, we ate dinner at a restaurant. I ate steak. I liked the trip.

-Kaiyuan Shi


We were late to the maze because a lot of roads were closed for construction. The owner was about to leave. I was glad that we made it. The themes of the maze was American barns. Before we got to the maze, the owner gave us a map and question sheets for us to solve. We spent about 30 minutes inside the maze. It was really tiring because we have to keep walking. After that we went to the Irish Shanti for dinner. The signature of the burger is the Gunderburger, which contains one pound of meat with different toppings. The dinner was delicious.

Li-Guan Ng



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